41 People Explain Why They Will Continue To Give Their Personal Insurance Business To

Terry Young and SRS Insurance Group

“Our Friends and Clients Say It Best”


*** Personal Insurance for Auto, Home, Boats, etc. ***


Recently, I contacted SRS Insurance to secure insurance for my mother. At 87, she has relocated to Hokes Bluff, Alabama and is building a new house. Of course, she will need insurance. There was no question in my mind that the only place I would go is the SRS Insurance Group. So why would I go to SRS Insurance? Our house and auto have been insured with SRS Insurance for over 20 years. I have always gotten the best rates and service that one could ask for. Again, why would I go to SRS Insurance? Let me tell you. There is one incident that really stands out. In 1984 or thereabouts, we had some straight line winds come roaring through Hokes Bluff, Alabama on a late Saturday morning. One of the victims of the wind was an enormous 52 foot southern pine that was in my back yard. Fortunately, the tree missed the house but managed to crush a large deck on the way to smashing into the swimming pool. I immediately called SRS Insurance not really knowing what to expect.


As it happened, Terry Young answered the phone. Within an hour, Terry was at my residence inspecting the damage. He told me that he was arranging for a cleanup crew to come and take the tree away.  An hour or so later, two men, trucks, chainsaws and ropes arrive. What happened next is what this testimonial is all about. These two tree men were hard at it when Terry jumped in and started to haul limbs away. My first thought was, “this is rather unusual, the big cheese of the insurance agency is here helping to clean up this mess?” Wow, if this is the kind of service I can expect for a blown down tree, what can I expect if something really serious happened? Terry’s personal effort made a permanent impression on me. From that day forward, I was, and still am, a well pleased customer. I have never forgotten Terry’s personal commitment to his customer. And by the way, the dedication to servicing their customers does not stop at Terry. All individuals I have had contact with at SRS Insurance have shown the same dedication and personal, one on one, attention. Thanks for the opportunity to share a pleasing experience.

Carl Braun, Hokes Bluff, Alabama



I would like to tell Terry Young and the staff and everyone how appreciative I was in the timely manner they got me insurance with a great rate through SRS and Travelers Insurance.  I am so happy to be a part of this insurance company.  Thank you!


Linda, Gadsden, Alabama



We have been a customer of SRS Insurance and Terry Young for several years.  We have all of our homeowners, our vehicles, our life insurance and now we are going back into a business so we’ll be going with them for commercial insurance as well.  Over the years, we have dealt with several people in this organization. The staff is just wonderful and everyone has taken care of us extremely well.  We’ve always been very pleased with what kind of service they have given us.  Thank you.


Teresa Hawkins, Attalla, Alabama


My name is Bill and I’ve had insurance coverage with SRS and Terry Young for fifteen years or so for automobiles and homeowners.  I’ve been very well pleased with all aspects of it.  I recently had an accident, a victim of a hit and run.  SRS Insurance did an outstanding job with that and I appreciate it.  Look forward to continued coverage and continued good business relationship with SRS Insurance. 

                                    Bill, Vestavia Hills, Alabama



I am administrator of Gladys B. Oden’s insurance.  I just wanted to say that we are happy with the SRS Insurance Company.  We have used them for a while and they have proven to be reliable and seem to be real nice people to deal with. I could recommend Terry Young to anyone if they were looking  for insurance.

Iris H. Oden, Gadsden, Alabama


I’ve been associated with SRS Insurance for quite a few years.  They’ve been very, very good to me.  Their rates are very good, and the employees are friendly and helpful.  I appreciate the good work that they have done for me.  I would recommend SRS Insurance and Terry Young to any and everybody.  Thank you!


Hazel Oliver, Gadsden, Alabama



SRS Insurance and Terry’s staff has absolutely been wonderful for us.  We’ve had nothing but a positive experience with our home, auto, personal, everything and I would highly recommend SRS to anyone.  Thanks!


Dr. Bo and Johna White, Gadsden, Alabama


I would just like to say how much I appreciate Terry Young and SRS Insurance being helpful to us.  Handling insurance is not an easy thing and you need somebody that knows what to do and we appreciate all your help down through the years.  Terry, you’ve given us the best service that we’ve found, so thank you so much for all the years of service.

Debbie, Centre, Alabama


We’ve been satisfied with the service we’ve received from SRS and Terry, and appreciate doing business with them.

                                                                                                Charlotte, Gadsden, Alabama


My name is Carla Thienpont, and my husband and I, Chris Thienpont have had coverage with SRS Insurance for going on 6 years now for our homeowner's insurance.  We actually live in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, and it’s been a wonderful experience.  Every time I call I can get a person on the phone.  I think we've had maybe two claims in the last six years, but they're been handled within, I'd say, 2 weeks, maybe even sooner than that.  It's just always very pleasant, and we enjoy doing business with SRS and Terry Young.  Thank you.


                                                Carla Thienpont, Birmingham, Alabama


I appreciate SRS Insurance Group.  They saved us about $300 this year and we are always tickled to have that happen. We just want ya’ll to keep up the good work.  Thank you very much.


                                                                                    Evelyn, Southside, Alabama


I’ve been affiliated with Terry Young’s agency since probably 25 years. I’ve never had a problem with anything.

Ted, Gadsden, Alabama


We were just contacted by Alicia to let us know that she had taken over our accounts.  She was very nice and wanted to know if we needed anything just to give her a call, or if we had any questions.  As far as we know, we are very satisfied.


Lisa Wright & Joey Wright, Gadsden, Alabama



We live in Leesburg, Alabama.  We’ve been very happy with the service we have gotten from SRS and Terry’s team.  I have talked to the staff and they have been very nice.  Thank you very much.

Kay Dowling, Leesburg, Alabama




I’ve been doing business for about a year and a half.  Any time I need anything they are ready on the spot with it, they know what they are talking about and they’re nice to deal with and I enjoy dealing with them.

Tammy, Gadsden, Alabama



I just wanted to let you know how please we have been with the quality of service we have received from Terry Young and SRS Insurance.  Whether we had a claim or not, we have been treated with utmost respect.  We appreciate your honesty and loyalty to us, your customer and friend!


                                                            Brad & Susan Casey, Gadsden, Alabama



Last year when I was trying to get home owners insurance for my log home Terry Young came to my rescue. Getting coverage for a log home is not an easy task and the cost is very high. However, SRS Insurance was able to get the coverage needed at an affordable price.


                                                                        Myriam Asencio ~ Birmingham, AL


My husband and I have been customers of SRS Insurance Agency for my homeowners insurance for many years. The service is FANTASTIC! We have actually had to file a claim and the service and time to completion of the claim was beyond our expectations.


                                                                        Carla Thienpont ~ Birmingham, AL



I have had the pleasure of contacting SRS Insurance on several occasions and each time has been an absolute pleasure due to my contact with Terry’s employees. You should fill you office with ladies with her cheerful and helpful attitude. Thank you for all of your help!


                                                            Kathryn Kilgore



As someone that works in the business world, I understand the need for professional service. When I call the staff of SRS they do not  hesitate to get the job done and answer my questions. They have a positive attitude and I am always greeted with a friendly smile. Their staff is a real asset to the company. When I think of insurance, I think of Terry and SRS Insurance Group.

                                                                        Misti ~ Southside, AL


We enjoy doing business with SRS Insurance. Their employees are always very nice and a pleasure to work with. I appreciate them and their hard work.

                                                                        Mike & Renee Gunter, J&M Cleaning Service


Terry Young and SRS Insurance is great!!! Their professional staff is always ready to handle any request and answer any questions that I might have. I will recommend them to anyone.


                                                                        Sheila Massaro ~ Glencoe, AL


I would like to recommend SRS Insurance to anyone that needs insurance. They work very hard to find the right policy at the right price for each of their customers. SRS was able to save me money by helping me move all of my insurance needs to SRS.


                                                            Kayla ~ Gadsden, AL


Terry, thanks for the great service through the years!


                                                                        John & Sarah Tinker

The staff was extremely helpful in helping me find the right provider for both Automobile Insurance and Rent Insurance. They took me off my parents’ policy after college and not only worked to find me the best rate but explained everything to me while doing so. They has always been extremely helpful and responsive to any needs I have had since opening these policies. I think they are wonderful! Thanks to Terry’s team.


                                                                        Jennifer C. ~ Tennessee

I want to say thanks to Terry’s staff at SRS . I appreciate them filling out necessary forms for me on my insurance.                                   

Ethel Hibbs

We have had our insurance with SRS Insurance Group for many years. The staff always returns our calls promptly and answers all our questions. I would highly recommend the SRS Insurance Group to anyone for all their insurance.

                                                                        Joyce ~ Hokes Bluff, AL


We have had our auto insurance with SRS Insurance Group and Terry Young for over 16 years. When we call to make changes or have questions, the staff is always courteous and responds quickly to us. I would recommend SRS Insurance Group to anyone for all their insurance needs.

                                                                        Jerry, Piedmont, AL


I have been a customer of SRS Insurance for approx. 3-4 years.  You have a staff there who has been a Godsend to me.  Every time I have had a problem, they have solved it.  I get frustrated with anything I call  and they can work it out.  They has been so kind and so helpful to me.  I can’t say enough about them.  I appreciate them very much.  So far I have liked SRS Insurance.  I just wanted to say thanks to everybody. 


                                                                        Audrey Irwin


I am so pleased with Terry and SRS Insurance and how they conduct their services to each individual.  It is amazing how the group just really go all out to make me feel welcome.  I am so pleased with the service and I am pleased with the group rates that I am getting for our car insurance.  It has been the best I can find.  I really appreciate your service.  Thank you. 


Linda, Gadsden, AL


 I just wanted to thank SRS and Terry for being such a good company to take care of my family and me.  The claims that we have had they have paid off very promptly and we appreciate it and will continue doing business with them. 


                                                                        Carol, Gadsden, AL


I have had a wonderful experience with Terry and the staff at SRS Insurance.  The employees were friendly and great to work with.  I would recommend it to anyone looking for insurance to fulfill his or her needs. 

                                                                        Tabitha, Gadsden, AL


I have been incredibly satisfied with the service I have received from SRS Insurance since 1996.  I would recommend Terry’s insurance agency SRS, their products, their employees to anyone.  If you have never been to the SRS Insurance Agency you owe it to yourself to visit them.  While you are there you can get a quote for all your insurance needs and save yourself some money at the same time.  You will recognize the friendly atmosphere when you enter the front office. They are friendly, efficient, and caring.  They will see that you get the prompt attention that you need and deserve.  I guarantee you will like the way you are treated at SRS Insurance.


Mary, Birmingham, AL






This is Mark from Gadsden.  I wanted to leave an excellent testimonial to SRS Insurance Company.  I have dealt with SRS for several years, probably 8-10 years.  I have dealt with the service staff for the most part and they are absolutely fantastic.  I tend to buy and sell cars a good bit and she never seems to get irritated with me when I call and ask for a quote for a new vehicle or house insurance, or anything else.  They finds me the best deal she can and the prices that she gets me are far lower than anything I have ever been able to find on my own.  I will be sticking with Terry and his team of professionals for as long as this fantastic service continues.  Thank you very much!    


                                                                                    Mark, Gadsden, AL 


My name is Walter Prater, Piedmont, AL.  The SRS staff did a great job in representing the company in the package we have.  Everything that I have asked for them to do, they has done it.  I am tremendously amazed at what kind of package she got for me.  My wife and I both are very happy with SRS Insurance.  The staff explained everything to me very thoroughly.  I appreciate everything and want to thank the Company  for everything they have done.  They are a great  Company.  Thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of this insurance company.


Walter Prater, Piedmont, AL


 I have done business with SRS Insurance for several years now and I have been very happy with their service and their courtesy and all the employees that have waited on me.  I will do business with SRS  Insurance over and over thru the years.


                                                                        Ingram, Gadsden, AL



This is Len Kulas calling.  I live in Whortons Bend in the wonderful city of Gadsden.  I am calling in regards to the service I have gotten from SRS.  Terry’s staff has done a terrific job.  I never have a problem with calling them that they doesn’t return my call.  I never have a problem with asking them to do something for me that they don’t do it and call me back to let me know it has been completed.  I think a lot of the staff at SRS.


                                                                        Len Kulas, Gadsden, AL


This is Shara from Southside, AL.  Every time I have ever called SRS Insurance Group needing information they have always been very helpful.  They that answers the phone has always been very friendly and very nice.  I really appreciate that.  Thank you.


                                                                        Shara, Southside, AL



I wanted to give a testimonial for the SRS staff and Terry.  I have been a customer of SRS for many, many years.  I have always received wonderful service from all the staff.  They have always done a wonderful job and I can’t say enough about their good work.  They are a delightful staff for the company, they is very thorough and professional.  They are also very personable and a wonderful person to work with and to have on your staff.  I wanted to put in a word for them and hope you will give them favorable compensation in every way.


                                                                                    Van, Gadsden, AL


I wanted to let you know that the staff does an excellent job.  Every time I have ever called, they were busy on the phone they always call me back and is very quick to get me the information that I need.  I shopping for my son a truck so insurance is very important to me because he is about to be 16.  They have given me a lot of insight and I have practically driven them crazy getting different insurance prices on different trucks.  They have always been very good to help me.  I appreciate that very much.


                                                                        Bryan, Gadsden, AL

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