60 Commercial Business Owners Share Details Of Why They Do Business With Terry Young and SRS Insurance Group…



I have an agent at SRS I am working with whose name is Terry.  He is doing a wonderful job.  I was having all kinds of difficulties getting commercial insurance on the twenty units in Alabama and he came through with flying colors.  I definitely would refer him to some of my friends who are doing commercial real estate for the service she rendered.  Again, it was a blessing to speak to this agent.  Thank you!

Samuel, Diamond Bar, California

I have been acquainted with Terry Young and SRS for several years and have always known them for ther professional care, integrity and accuracy in their work. They has been very helpful to me on several occasions and has always been very pleasant to work with.


Cheryl Tarver, MRM ~ Birmingham, AL

I am writing you to show my appreciation to your company and in particular my agent. I am assuming that your company does not do a lot of business in the USL&H field and dealing with the U.S. Government and all its entities. In switching insurance companies as I did two years ago, I was very apprehensive about Terry being able to deal with as many requests that I put upon him. I will say he stepped up to the plate and hit a home run for me. My business in dealing with the government is probably unique to your company. Terry took extreme patience in my request to forward, make sure all the I’s were dotted and all the T’s were crossed. In forwarding information to Northrop Grumman in Newport News, Virginia to Northrop Grumman in Pascagoula, Mississippi and to Northrop Grumman in Gulf Port, Mississippi and Northrop Gruman in Avondale, Louisiana. And to Chipton – Ross in California and Butler International in Jacksonville, Florida. In addition, all the other companies I do business with. In doing this, he had to also handle my general liability with an umbrella, also my auto with an umbrella. All of the calling back and forth in dotting out I’s and crossing our T’s he never wavered in his diligence to detail. It’s not very often that someone stands out as Terry has with me and several of my customers. And knowing that when you give him a client to service, he is going to represent your company in a high degree in efficiency. Again let me say thank you for the opportunity to be associated with SRS Insurance Group.


R.S. Collins, CEO, Eagle Marine Services ~ Irvington, AL

I became acquainted with Terry during the spring of 2006 when I began working with the Mid-South Industries insurance program. SRS Insurance Group has provided expert insurance guidance to Mid-South Industries and its subsidiaries for many years. I personally have years of experience dealing with the property and casualty insurance markets and have worked with many insurance professionals over the years. I have found Terry to be very knowledgeable about the markets and helpful to me in all my dealings with her. Terry has gone above and beyond on several occasions to make sure that he renders the most expert and capable service possible to Mid-South Industries. I consider Terry a great asset to the Mid-South Industries insurance team.


James D. Garrett, VP-Finance/CFO, Mid-South Industries, Inc. ~ Gadsden, AL


My name is Larry Haynes in Talladega, Alabama. I have the Huddle House in and also have a Huddle House here in and also have a Huddle House in Lincoln, along with Auto Truck Plaza Convenience Store/T-Store.  Terry Young has been working with me, and it’s kind of complex with all the different businesses getting us covered. He has done a great job.  He has been very helpful, very formal, very professional, and I appreciate his help on this.


          Larry Haynes, Huddle House, Talladega, Alabama



I am the Vice President for Sales and Contracting for Bulldog Marine, a Florida Marine Contractor.  I just wanted to say thanks for helping us just in the past three of four months set up the 1-800 number where our guys can leave a message if they’ve had an injury or if they got hurt or whatever and it can broadcast out to our loss control guy and acutally send ya’ll a voice message.  It’s really been helpful just in the past three or four months and really helped us secure a good deal with our insurance company that we have right now.  In fact, combining that with our loss control manager, it’s going to save us $200,000+ a year just putting this whole thing into play. I really appreciate Terry and what you guys have done for us just in the last six months since I’ve been with you guys. I really appreciate too more than anything how you are up with the times and using technology, with this 1-800 claims line and email and different things we’ve used.  We’ve been with other insurance agencies in the past and it’s just been a nightmare trying to get information; they want to fax stuff to us or mail stuff to us and get us to sign it and get it back in two or three days and then our paperwork gets lost in the mail. This 1-800 claims line that we put in and some of the other things that you’ve told us we can do in the future that I definitely want to get up and running.  Thanks so much!


                                                                Brian Hall, Bulldog Marine, Mobile, Alabama


I just wanted to say that your employees have been absolutely wonderful in helping us try to find workers comp insurance in order to get out of the JUA.  I know it’s been a long and difficult process and they’ve really worked hard.  I especially appreciate Terry, who has been working on this for quite some time.  Terry has done just a wonderful job; we’ve gotten a great quote for our coverage for our workers comp; and I just want to thank you ever so much again. For the wonderful superb job that your employees have done for us.  Thanks again!


Joan, AT Survey Incorporated, Panama City, Florida

We have worked with Terry Young for a long time.  He is very nice.  SRS Insurance has been nothing but nice and they’ve done very well when we’ve worked with them.  My boss, Shane, has worked with Terry; he thinks a lot of him, and I would recommend SRS to anybody.


Alex, Gadsden Country Club, Gadsden, Alabama

I have been dealing with Terry regarding our insurance needs since starting work for MS-2. He is a very professional and friendly person. I receive a prompt response every time I have questions or concerns.

                                                            Julie Fussell, MS-2, LLC ~ Gadsden, AL


Thank you for your assistance in getting insurance coverage for HDS in a very prompt and courteous manner. You have always answered our questions and have gotten better rates than we anticipated on many occasions. We sincerely appreciate your help in "Keeping HDS Covered".


Janet French


Every year when our company comes up for renewal I know that I can always count on the Terry Young to take care of us. Whatever curve ball we throw at them they always hit a grand slam. If I ever have a problem I can make one phone call and get it solved immediately. They make us feel like we are their largest and best client. We have been with the SRS Group since 2005 and have had the same client manager handling our policies, which tells me that the SRS Group not only takes care of their clients but their employees as well. Terry has done cartwheels to service our account; he has sacrificed some weekends and even some of his vacations when we have come across a deadline. He has always put our company and our needs first. The marine business can be very difficult to keep up with but the SRS Group has been the most educated in knowing our company’s needs.  We feel as if we are part of their family and I hope they know they are a part of ours.


Brenda Hall, Bulldog Marine


Terry has been working helping us get our insurance going.  He has been absolutely excellent! He’s help me in every way that I have asked her to getting us a quote and we signed on with ya’ll probably a couple of months ago on our general liability.  I just really appreciate everything that He has done to help us get to this point. I just want to say that he is excellent.


                        Angela, Trent Thrasher Construction, Rainbow City, Alabama



My name is Richard Meyers calling from Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada. I’m pleased to say that our company started another division in Gadsden, Alabama recently called MS2 Products. When we moved to Alabama, we were pleased to get insurance through Terry Young and his agency.  They have been excellent to work with.  Our transfer people have been very happy with the service and the local people have recommended it right from the beginning.  I appreciate everything they've done for us.  They've been easy to contact and quick feedback whenever we've had questions.  Thank you. 

                                                                                                Richard Meyers, Ontario, Canada



My name is Wayne Collins. I just wanted Terry and everyone to know at SRS Insurance how much I appreciate the service ya’ll give me.  You are always so friendly when I come up there and I couldn’t be pleased with any other insurance company, plus I like keeping it local, I like dealing with local people, even though I seldom have to come with a claim.  Very, very rarely and when I have they have treated me extremely nice.  I appreciate the service you give me, and I look forward to continue using you as my insurance agent with not only my cars but also my home. Thanks again. 


Wayne Collins, Rainbow City, Alabama



My name is Jeff Turner, Plant Manager of Stonewall Jackson Mold in Annville, Kentucky. We do all types of molding work for various industries including automotive.  I would just like to say that Terry Young over the last two years has been a great help to me in keeping my shop as safe as possible and helping me reduce my work comp cost.  The walk throughs of our facility that they do are a tremendous asset to us in identifying potential problems and hazards and correcting them before they occur.  I really commended them on their work.  I actually look forward to them coming in the back door because I know they are there to help us. I would highly recommend them to anyone in our industry.


                                                Jeff Turner, Stonewall Jackson Mold, Annville, Kentucky



The attention and response I get is very prompt and considerate.  They are concerned about me, my issues, and what I need to accomplish.  They took over an account that they were not yet making any commission off of, and accomplished a huge savings for me, that my old agent was not interested in working on.  It is customer service that I have not been used to getting from anyone lately.  Thank You Terry.

D. Thornton, ABAE Personnel, Huntsville, AL


We were able to save approximately 48% ($83,000) because Terry Young and SRS Insurance  assisted us in correcting errors on our MOD worksheet which resulted in our being placed in preferred market. 

M. Johnson, Gadsden, Alabama

This is Jim with Barnett Enterprises in Birmingham, AL.  I applied to the SRS Company for workers compensation and within one day, Terry’s staff  had gotten me a quote back and we were about ready to do business. Thank you. 

                                                                        Jim, Barnett Enterprises, Birmingham, AL


This is Don from McCord Lighting Contractors in Centre, AL.  I have been with SRS for quite a few years now.  I am very, very, satisfied with how promptly they handle everything.  I have had one claim in the whole time and they were very prompt.  Everybody is courteous and always willing to go the extra mile with you to make sure you are covered.  They are not one of these people to say “There’s no way we can do it.”  They always find a way to do it.  I would recommend Terry Young’s Insurance Agency to anyone. 


                                                            Don, McCord Lighting Contractors, Centre, AL



I have really enjoyed working with the people there at SRS.  Right now we only have workers comp with them, but we have been very pleased with all the information that ya’ll send us and helping us get through with our insurance.  Thank you very much.


Glinda, Sand Mountain and North Jackson Water Authority, Scottosboro, Alabama


Terry and his Insurance Team helped us to save approximately 50% by helping us avoid Assigned Risk. 


                                                                                    M. Goodwin, Brewton, Alabama


I presently have insurance with SRS Insurance / Terry Young and have had for several years.  They have been a good company and every time I have ever called them for anything, they gave their prompt attention to the matter.  I’ve enjoyed doing business with them and hope to continue doing business with them.  They’ve always served me well and just seem to me like good folks.  Thank you very much.


                                John Simpson, John Simpson Excavatin, Collinsville, Alabama



I’ve been with Terry Young and SRS for several years now and I’ve never asked for anything I didn’t get.  They are good people to do business with and I appreciate them.


Shane Nunn, N&N Motors, Rainbow City, Alabama


This is Mylene Chambers at Stitches in Gadsden, AL.  The Terry’s staff at SRS Insurance have been absolutely wonderful.  We have been having some insurance changes and they have been more than, more than helpful and I just appreciate everything that they have done.  I don’t know what else to say other than give them a raise! 


                                                                        Mylene Chambers, Stitches, Gadsden, AL


I’ve done business with Terry and SRS for several years and I’m well satisfied with what they have done for me and I sure appreciate it.  Thank you very much.


Mickey Boyd, Owner, Boyd Maroney Foreign Car Service, Rainbow City, Alabama


Terry Young helped us save approximately 53% by moving to specialty program. 


M. Thompson, Loxley, Alabama



Terry’s Team has helped with problems we had with Workers Comp.  They worked with us in accomplishing what we wanted and with a savings, but basically helped with an extra peace of mind that we had the insurance coverage we needed.  We have never worked with an Insurance Company who has been as prompt and available as SRS.  We hope to be able to work with this Insurance Company on other things in the future.


Glinda Freeman, North Jackson County and

Sand Mountain Water Authorities, Ider, AL


I work for Rodney Ward, an attorney in Gadsden, Alabama.  SRS Insurance has been providing probate bonds such as guardian bonds and administrator bonds to Mr. Ward for several years.  We have always had a good response.  Terry that works in the Gadsden office is always very quick about getting us an answer; always friendly and we won’t be changing bonding companies.

                                                                                                Stephanie, Gadsden, Alabama


We have had insurance with Terry Young since 1998 and we are very pleased with the service and the help that ya’ll have been giving us.  Thank you.


                                                                        Janie, Postnet, Rainbow City, Alabama

 “I have been incredibly satisfied with the service level that SRS Insurance delivers on a daily basis.  SRS Insurance is very timely with their response to situations that arise and they resolve those issues promptly.  SRS exceeded my expectations as an insurance company from the first time that we began our business relationship.  I recommend Terry Young and his insurance team quite often to friends and business associates.  My recommendation for someone to use a particular vendor only happens when I know that the vendor can perform with professionalism and exceed the expectations of the consumer. “ 


J. Lee Buffington, President, Turf Tamer, Fort Payne, Alabama


I have been dealing with SRS on commercial insurance and auto.  They done a great job.  They has called and informed me of everything that went on; how long it’s taking and they been super on the job.  I just wanted to let you know about it.  I’ve talked to four or five other agents, and ya’ll are way and far above other companies.  I just wanted to leave this recommendation for your staff. 


Justin, Gibbs Service, Oneonta, Alabama




We have been using the SRS Insurance Company and Terry and we are very satisfied with their service and the way they treat us.


Maxi, Ben Elkins Motors, Gadsden, Alabama



We use SRS to insure our bonds and I’m very happy with them.  I’ve actually had an accident one time with a bond and they got me out of a terrible bind and I just really, really appreciate them and their patience and their help with everything that we need.


Jane Handy, H&T Heating and Cooling, Rainbow City, Alabama


Terry Young  reduced our premiums by approximately 66% by moving from us Assigned Risk to standard market.

                                                                                    M. Scott, Pensacola, Florida

I just wanted to leave a testimonial about how we have just switched over using SRS Insurance, and our agent, terry Young has been absolutely wonderful.  He really helped us get a wonderful rate on our business insurance, and helped us to find the best plan for us.  He has been so helpful and called several times just to check up and make sure everything was going fine. He has been outstanding, and we just really appreciate switching over and we’ve really enjoyed everything that he’s done for us.


Amy Fowler, Fowler’s Antique Mall, Wellington, Alabama


"I want you to know that I really appreciate your customer service, prompt response, and attention.  When I opened my company I told everyone that I expected them to give "old fashioned customer service."  I am not used to getting this from anyone else lately.  Everyone in your office has been very helpful, very nice, and friendly attitudes.  It is a pleasure working with Terry and his team."

Debbie, ABAE Personnel, Huntsville, Alabama


Terry Young saved approximately $35,000 by keeping account from moving to Assigned Risk after being non-renewed by current carrier. 

H. Lambert, Birmingham, Alabama



My name is Mary Helms and I work at C.C. Ryder or CDI Financing.  Terry Young and SRS Insurance has helped us get our bonds and just anything we ask of them. We like them.  They are good.  We appreciate their business with us.


                                                                Mary Helms, C.C. Ryder, Gadsden, Alabama





My name is Jill with USA Sports from Huntsville. We’ve been with Terry Young  for two or three years. The customer service has been excellent. With the type of business that I do there are a lot of deadlines that need to be met and it’ll be last minute things and they have always come through every time I have needed something on a short time frame. They’ve definitely come through with that. Terry is always happy and eager to help and has wonderful customer service skills.


                                                                                    Jill, USA Sports, Huntsville, Alabama

My name is Mitzi Grubbs and I am an Executive Assistant at Mid-South Industries, Inc.  Terry Young’s Insurance Group has handled our company’s insurance needs for a number of years.  The efficient, friendly service they provide can only be commended. 


                                                            Mitzi Grubbs, MidSouth Industries ~ Gadsden, AL

My name is Jimmy Walker. I own Walker’s Construction Company in Boaz, Alabama. I’ve been insured with SRS for the last several years now. I am totally satisfied with the customer service. I had one claim several years ago. The adjustor and the insurance company worked very well to satisfy our needs. Whenever I get a voice mail they are prompt to return my call. I am completely satisfied. I would recommend the Terry Young to friends and family. We do appreciate you.

                                Jimmy Walker, Walker’s Construction Company, Boaz, Alabama



I came to know about Terry Young and his team from an ad we received in the mail at a time of real dissatisfaction with BB&T Insurance. That is how I came to know Terry and I feel a real friendship with him. His card says “We create relationships that customers CANNOT walk away from.” I agree with that on a business and personal basis. Terry is someone that makes me feel comfortable and I feel closeness even though we are miles apart. Everyone in your office is very helpful.


                                                            Sandra Watruba, LDI Companies, Macon, GA



All my dealing with Terry has been very pleasant. He is very courteous, helpful and friendly.


Brenda Cole, Dixie Tool & Die Co., Inc. ~ Gadsden, AL


My name is Cindy Stringer. I wanted to say a few words about Terry Young and SRS Insurance Group. I work for MidSouth Industries and Terry has handled our insurance for many years. I have worked with a number of employees at SRS and have always received friendly service. I am satisfied with the level of service that Terry and his team delivers. Thank you for all that you do.                                                       

Cindy Stringer, MidSouth Industries ~ Gadsden, AL

We just began using SRS Insurance a few months ago and I have to say I am very impressed with the customer service we’ve received thus far. The staff  are great to work with; they strive to provide excellent customer service and always meets our needs. They are very prompt with responses to my questions and very professional and courteous. Thank you!


Misty Burgess, RN Recruit, Inc. ~ Gadsden, AL



I have worked with Terry Young and his team for the past six years, and have always been impressed with the level of professionalism that is displayed at every level of their business. As a customer, SRS has assisted me in the securing of supersedes bonds, and I have always been pleased with the service and prices. I would not hesitate to refer their services to anyone with a similar need. I have also worked closely with Terry Young on other projects and can attest to their commitment to excellence and producing the best end result for all involved parties.


                                                                        Matt Graham, MRM ~ Birmingham, AL


I want to thank SRS Insurance for all they have done for my daycare. They worked hard to get me better coverage for a lower cost. They provide local service and it has been a comfort to have someone close that I can count on. Thanks!


Kathy Denson, First Steps


SRS Insurance is a pleasure to work with. They have a great support staff and work hard for all they do business with. They are a great asset to any company.


Kristi Rogers, CCU, City Branch


I have been doing business with SRS Insurance for over three years. They are a joy to work with. They are always knowledgeable on any questions I have about insurance needs. They are always friendly and helpful. Terry goes the extra mile to make sure that their customers’ insurance needs are met.


Delynn ~ Attalla, AL


It is a pleasure to work with Terry at SRS Insurance Group. They  always has a positive attitude and is willing to help in any way they can. I appreciate all her hard work and dedication.


Julie Fussell, MS-2, LLC


As sub-contractors, our Workers Compensation Insurance expense escalated every year. Each year I would send our information out to get quotes. I received a lot of promises but no results from the other companies. With the other companies we had to get TN work comp and then buy another policy for Florida. You other sub-contractors out there know what I mean. That was going to be even more expensive and with the Florida policy we paid our down payment and months later found out we didn’t even have coverage in Florida. I would call the company who was supposed to be providing our coverage and they kept giving me excuse after excuse of why our policy had not been activated. We needed the coverage right away when we applied for it, not excuses. The whole process was a frustrating ordeal. That is, until last year when I happened to make contact with SRS Insurance Group. The staff received our information and within a couple of days we received a quote with coverage for all the states we needed for less money! The service has been great, one phone call and our agent is there working with us to answer questions and give our company advice, hassle free!


Karen Myers, 21st Century Broadband Services



I want to say thanks to the staff of SRS and Terry Young for the excellent service they has given Williams Communications this past year. We appreciate their prompt response and diligence in helping solve any problems we have had. We’re looking forward to working with her again in 2007.


Eva Gibson, Williams Communications, Inc.


We are REC Electric Company, Inc. value the staff of SRS for their great work that they provides to us. they always responds to our emails and is always very helpful to assist in any way that They can. They are a great asset to your firm and they are always dependable to get the job done. THANKS FOR ALL THAT YOU DO TERRY! May your New Year be prosperous!


REC Electric Company and Staff


Terry at SRS Insurance Group was extremely helpful in getting me out of the assigned risk pool last month here in South Carolina. They were courteous and quick to work on my account and they saved me money! They saved me over $7,000 on my annual premium and this is a reduction of 6 ½%. Terry was very honest and easy to work with over the phone. I look forward to working with him for years to come.

Danny… Historical Repairs & Maintenance, Inc. ~ South Carolina



I want to thank the staff at SRS Insurance Group and Terry Young for helping me  replace my workers compensation coverage on renewal of 1/1/2007. They were able to get me out of the assigned risk pool in South Carolina and saved me 26% of my premium which reduced my cost approx. $12,878.


 Pam Wyder, Night Flyte, Inc. ~ Hopkins, SC


My name is Mike at Patterson Printing.  Over the years I have done work for, and had SRS Insurance do work for me, dealing with them was always a pleasure.  They were so professional there were little room for error and no mistakes.  In my business that is always a big plus.  Dealing with the people was always a pleasure because they were always so friendly and still are always friendly.  Don’t know how much more I can say other than dealing with them has always been a pleasure.

                                                            Mike Patterson, Patterson Printing, Gadsden, AL


My name is David.  I work for Gadsden Fire Extinguisher Company. We have our insurance with SRS Insurance and have been pleased with their service and expect to continue to do business with them in the future. 


David, Gadsden Fire Extinguisher Company, Gadsden, AL


My name is Tom Roper and I’m from B’ham AL.  I am the President of a company known as Millennium Risk Managers.  I have been obtaining my insurance, bonding paper for our company, as well as general liability, E&O liability insurance purposes for years.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else but SRS Insurance to take that business on for our company.  Without those types of programs our company could not function.  I want to also say that the staff of SRS are extremely well qualified that I have experienced and very, very polite. I have never been able to call with a question or problem that hasn’t been responded to or answered immediately.  It was a pleasure to give this testimonial for SRS Insurance.  They never ask anything from me, and I am always asking stuff from them. 

                                                                        Tom Roper, MRM, Birmingham, AL

Terry, I have never properly thanked you for all you have done to help us. I just don’t know where we would be now if it weren’t for you. We did not even realize how inadequately we were covered. Now we have the correct coverage and for a lot less money. I feel so confident in your ability to manage all of our insurance needs, I don’t worry about what might happen any more. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!           


Gwyn Myers, Triple M Construction, Georgia










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