Important Files

2013 PROPOSED Work Comp Amendment

Accounting - Direct Deposit Employee Authorization
Payroll direct deposit form

Accounting - Payroll Change Authorization
Used to make payroll changes by employee

Accounting Check Request Form
Form used to request check

All Insurance Agents are NOT Created Equal
14 reasons why you should not even consider doing business with another agency....

AUCA - Dec 13 Newsletter Private Exchange Announce

Biz Management - Auto Bill of Sale Form
Automobile simplified Bill of Sale Form

Biz Management - Bill of Sale
Standard Bill of Sale Document

Biz Management - Check By Fax Form
Form used to send money by check by fax

Biz Management - General Fax Form
Used to send faxes std format cover sheet

Biz management - Limited Power Attorney Short Form
Limited power attorney short form

Biz Management - Limited Power of Attorney
Limited power of attorney form

Biz management - Multiplying Key Results
Focus on key skill sets to multiply results

Biz Management - Policy & Procedure Design Form
Form used to design step by step procedures

Biz Management - Standard Auto Lease
Std auto lease for company cars

Biz Management - The Problem Solver
Problem solving critique form

CLUE - Brief Q & A on Required ID
Brief overview WHY you must submit ID

CLUE - Clue Report Request Form
Fill in the blan k form to get copy of Clue Report

CLUE - Required Forms of ID
Example of ID required to get copy of Clue

Construction - Bid Addendum
Original Bid Addendum

Construction - Bid Request
Job Bid Request

Construction - Certificate of Job Completion
Acceptance form to be signed by customer

Construction - Code Violation Notification
Notice for Code Violation

Construction - Contractor Interview Questionaire
Form to interview subs

Construction - Contractor Project Allowances
Job allowances form for customer

Construction - Contractor Proposal
Written proposal form

Construction - Contractor Punch List
Punch list

Construction - Contractor Quote Comparison
Quote sheet comparison

Construction - Contractor Rating Sheet
Job rating sheet

Construction - Contractor Team List
Team list

Construction - Cost Estimate
Job cost estimate form

Construction - Cost Plus Contract
Contract for cost plus job

Construction - Cost Projections
Job cost projections

Construction - Customer lien Waiver
Form for customer to sign off on liens

Construction - Customer Phone Log
Log for conversations with Contractor / customer

Construction - Do You Want To Bid Letter
Bid letter

Construction - Job Outline
Proposed job outline for contractor

Construction - Letter For material Quote
Do you need material quotes

Construction - Letter For Sub Contractor Bids
Letter for bid

Construction - Professional Services Directory
Professional Sertvices Directory

Construction - Punch List
Common punch list

Construction - Quote Form
Quote form

Construction - Rate Yourself Mr. Contractor
Rating form contractor

Construction - Remodeling Contract
Remodeling Contract

Construction - Request For Substitution Items
Form to substitute items on the job

Construction - Sample Proposal
Sample proposal

Construction - Sanmple remodeling Contract
Sample Remodeling Contract

Construction - Short Lien Wavier
Short form for customer lien waiver

Construction - Sub Contractor List
Sub list

Construction - Sub Contractor Questionaire
Sub Questionaire

Construction - Sub Contractor Schedule
Sub contractor schedule

Construction - Sub Contractor Supplied Contract
Agreement to provide sub

Construction - Work Estimate
Job work estimate

Construction - Work Sheet Residential Job
work sheet for job

Customer Service - Client Service Report Card
Report card for customer service

Cyber Liability Flyer
Description of new coverage for cyber liability

Employee - Time Management Plan
used by staff to get control of their time

FREE REPORT - Auto Insurance Basics
Auto Insurance basic overview of key facts and companents

FREE REPORT - Why They Got Fined By OSHA
Critical report on why these critical areas get BIG OSHA fines

General - Agent of Record Letter
Transfer biz from one agent to another

GOALS - 90 Day Focus Form
Form used to focus on 90 days goals

GOALS - Daily Focus Journal
Form used to focus on your goals daily

HR - Application For Employment
Employment Application

HR - Application For Employment Short Form
Employment application short form

HR - Employee Contact Data Sheet
Employee contact form

HR - Employee Health care Credit Form
Employee health care non election form

HR - Employee Orientation Check List
Check list for new hires

HR - Employee Performance Assessment Form
Annual / Quarterly review document

HR - Employee Seperation Checklist
Checklist for termination / exit interview

HR - Employee Warning Notice
Used for corrective action for wrong behavior

HR - Exit Interview Letter
Used to communicate feedback to management

HR - Notice Request For Consumer Report
Applicant authorization to release consumer report

HR - Overtime Authorization Request Form
Used to request overtime pay

HR - Receipt Of Handbook Critical Documents
Sign off sheet acceptance of critical documents and policies

Identity Theft Press Release
Tips on how to protect yourself from Identity theft

Policy & Procedures - Blank Form Process Designer
Form used to design step by step procedure

Policy & Procedures - Process Designer Idea Form
Form used to "think" thru the procedure before writing

Safety - 8 Hour Lock Out Tag Out
Lock Out powerpoint presentation

Safety - Accident Investigation Report
Accident Investigation Form

Safety - Accident Witness Statement Form
Used to interview accident witnesses

Safety - Checklist Excel Format
Checklist in excell format to customize

Safety - Confined Space Training Program
Powerpoint presentation on confined spaces

Safety - Confined Spaces Powerpoint Training
Powerpoint presentation training program

Safety - Conflict Management Training Program
Detailed Powerpoint Training program on Conflict Mgmt

Safety - Crisis Management Training
Training Presentation for Crisis Management

Safety - Emergency Preparedness Training Program
Powerpoint presentation on Emergency Preparedness

Safety - Fire Safety and Prevention Training Prog
Fire Safety powerpoint training program

Safety - Fork Lift Basic Training PPT
Fork Lift Training Powerpoint

Safety - Forklift Inspection Form
Inspection form

Safety - Forklift safety Policy Plan
Formal safety plan for forklift safety

Safety - HAZCOM Training Program
HAZCOM powerpoint presentation training

Safety - HMIS Label Overview and Definitions
Detail label overview and definitions

Safety - Incentives and Initiatives Overview
List of safety incentives and inhouse programs

Safety - Industrial Safety Inspection Check List
Safety Checklist

Safety - Job safety Anaylsis form
Use to define the job safety analysis

Safety - Jon Talk Safety Program Intro
24 step safety program

Safety - Jon Talk Week 1
Week 1 flyer

Safety - Jon Talk Week 10
Week 10 flyer

Safety - Jon Talk Week 11
Week 11 flyer

Safety - Jon Talk Week 12
Week 12 flyer

Safety - Jon Talk Week 13
Week 13 flyer

Safety - Jon Talk Week 14
Week 14 flyer

Safety - Jon Talk Week 15
Week 15 flyer

Safety - Jon Talk Week 16
Week 16 flyer

Safety - Jon Talk Week 17
Week 17 flyer

Safety - Jon Talk Week 18
Week 18 flyer

Safety - Jon Talk Week 19
Week 19 flyer

Safety - Jon Talk Week 2
Week 2 flyer

Safety - Jon Talk Week 20
Week 20 flyer

Safety - Jon Talk Week 21
Week 21 flyer

Safety - Jon Talk Week 22
Week 22 flyer

Safety - Jon Talk Week 23
Week 23 flyer

Safety - Jon Talk Week 24
Week 24 flyer

Safety - Jon Talk Week 3
Week 3 flyer

Safety - Jon Talk Week 4
Week 4 flyer

Safety - Jon Talk Week 5
Week 5 flyer

Safety - Jon Talk Week 6
Week 6 flyer

Safety - Jon Talk Week 7
Week 7 flyer

Safety - Jon Talk Week 8
Week 8 flyer

Safety - Jon Talk Week 9
Week 9 flyer

Safety - Lessons Learned Accident Notification
Document used to communicate with employees on accidents

Safety - Machine Guard Training Program
Machine Guard powerpoint training

Safety - Machine Guarding for Wood Working Shops
Machine guard inspection list wood working shops

Safety - Machine Safety Check List
Article and check list for machine safety

Safety - Machine Shop Safety Check List
Shop safety check list

Safety - Near Miss Incident Form
Use to report near miss accidents

Safety - Near Miss Powerpoint Training Program
Near Miss Powerpoint Presentation

Safety - Near Miss Safety Questionaire
Near Miss Incident Questionaire

Safety - Near Miss Training Program
Powerpoint training program

Safety - NFPA Diamond Overview
Symbol used by NFPA and defined in detail

Safety - Orientation Quiz Answers
Answers for safety quiz

Safety - Orientation Training Acknowledgement Form
Sign off form for employees on training

Safety - OSHA 300 Form and Instructions
300 form with complete detailed instructions for completion

Safety - OSHA Comprehensive Training
Comprehensive OSHA Powerpoint training Program

Safety - Overhead Crane Training Program PPT
Crane Powerpoint Presentation

Safety - Personal Protective Equipment Form
Use to get employee buy in on PPE use

Safety - Safety and Health Review Sheet
Form used to review S & H programs

Safety - Safety Meeting Suggestion Form
Employee suggestion form

Safety - Safety Orientation Quiz
Quiz form for new hires

Safety - Safety Poster Contest and Rules
Intro letter and rules

Safety - Safety Slogan Contest Entry Form
Entry Form

Safety - Safety Slogan Contest Qua Updates
Quaterly update to existing program

Safety - Safety Slogan Contest Rules
Intro letter and contest rules

Safety - Safety Suggestion Contest
Intro letter and rules

Safety - Safety Suggestion Contest Entry Form
Suggestion form

Safety - Sample Health and Safety Manual Section 1
Section 1 General Safety Rules & Policies

Safety - Sample Health and Safety Manual Section 2
Section 2 First Aid and CPR

Safety - Sample Health and Safety Manual Section 3
Bloodborne Pathogen Exposures Control Plan

Safety - Sample Safety & Health Manual Section 10
Lock Out Tag Out Plan

Safety - Sample Safety & Health Manual Section 12
Respiratory Program

Safety - Sample Safety & Health manual Section 4
Medical records retention policy

Safety - Sample Safety & Health Manual Section 6
Fire prevention plan

Safety - Sample Safety & Health Manual Section 7

Safety - Sample Safety & Health Manual Section 8

Safety - Sample Safety & Health Manual Section 9
Confined spaces plan

Safety - Sample safety & Health Manula Section 11
Hearing Conservation Plan

Safety - Sample Safety Manual
Sample safety manual

Safety - Simple safety Inspection Check List
Safety Check List

Safety - Slips Trips and Falls Powerpoint
Training program powerpoint presentation

Safety - Suggestion Form
Form to submit safety suggestions by employees

Safety - Tornado Safety Training Program
Powerpoint safety training program

Safety - Training Certificate
Certificate presented to employees after training

Safety - Weekly Toolbox Meetings PPT
Powerpoint presentation for weekly meetings

Safety - What Is A OSHA Recordable Accident
Definition of OSHA Recordable Accident

Safety - Work Comp Cost Calculation Worksheet
Interactive worksheet to compute accident cost

Safety - Work Comp Cost Containment
Lite Duty and Medical Cost Containment PPT

Safety - Work Comp Fraud Overview
Getting aggressive with work comp fraud

Safety - Work Comp Fraud Powerpoint
Powerpoint presentation on fraud

Safety - Work Comp Near Miss Questionaire
Accident near miss survey form

Safety - Work Place Safety & Security Training
Work Place Security Training Powerpoint Presentation

Safety - Workplace Safety Check List
Health and Safety Checklist

Safety - Your safety Incentive Program Could Blow
How your safety incentive program has reverse effects

Safety Video - Back Injuries
101 Workers Enemy Number One Back Injuries

SRS Bullet Flyer
Brief Description of SRS Services